The Vales
Culture of People
Leader Vires Malparu


(until empire)

Region Northern Armahn

The Vales were a mix of Vsharan and people from the Malus continent. They flourished in the Chetiav regions of Armahn and around southern Armahn. Over complications with the Armahn Empire, who were at war with Vshara at the time; a leadership was formed by Vires Malparu who lead Vales towards northern Armahn in 1812PD. After the Armahn Empire had besieged the Vsharan border fortresses, members were brought back to negotiate with the Vales and forged a peace treaty. A Capital was established in northern Armahn, Jesia , and with the Armahn people mixing with the Vales, a common language was spoken. This begun the First Valeshiran Empire in 1815PD and formed the Valeshiran nation .

The Vales were known as Valeshirans after the formation of the first empire. A military power from Valeshirans begun to form within the Valeshirans and they soon begun to expand territory for the Valeshiran Empire.

Valeshiran people are no longer referred too as Vales since 1815PD, now Valeshirans.