This wiki is about the fictional continent of Petet for the film 'Embers of Sanity'. It contains history, characters and everything you need to know about what has gone on and what is going on in this continent. Petet is the main continent for the film, however there may be reference to the neighbouring continent Malus and how they have affected certain events.

Embers of SanityEdit

Embers of Sanity is the first title for the film. It may still be changed. The film is about a leader of a nation who goes somewhat insane and begins to set up a dangerous empire in order to take more power in Petet. The powerful nation of Blackbourne along with the Universal Enforcement intervene with the situation in order to stop attacks against the local countries and inevitably silence the leader, Edwin Grendahl. Fighting the N.D.S, the Universal Enforcement are sent to the front lines to discover Edwin's intentions and what he has planned, along with the mysterious resource suppliers coming from the South East of Usania.

Plot so far:

Starting on the Island of Vernia, the UE ready for the initial invasion of Usania in order to secure a foward base, from there they plan to join forces with the Blackbourne Military and push further into the country. A small squad however is sent on a mission to take out a forward AA defence base which is stopping further air advancement. An elite 3 man squad is sent on this mission where they will discover secrets of the Usanian situation, meet with locals and try to understand Edwin's motives. They will soon realised the full extent of the situation and meet with suspicious Valeshiran opretives.

Work on:

>Valeshira (everything for the page including province pages)

>Second Valeshiran Empire
>The Vale
>Usanian Conquest
>Orvanian Leader of Valeshira
>'Republic of Valeshira'


>Armahn Empire
>Survanshiva River (crisis)

>The Engarve Reactor

>The Engarve Reactor Explosion (aftermath story)


>Grendahl Bloodlines
>Usanian Golden Age
>Dast Genero
>Edwin Grendahl


>Vshara City
>Vsharan Corruption stories
>All factions related




>Universal Enforcement
>Iwan Lee
>Covan Isles
>Westcourt Union

>Lestovia (delay)

Usania has the least story but is the most relevant nation to the films story. Most other nations will only be mentioned. Most of this history is being created so that it can be referenced and brought up at a later date.Edit

Vshara Valeshira
Usania Armahn
Lestovia Orvania
Jesia Navuba
Malodu Gulharridia
Vshara Orvo
Penia Winterbay
Covan Isles Vernia
Chetiav Zenith
Edwin Grendahl Iwan Lee
Aylmer Disraeli Alec Prosper
Beyond Petet
Malus Agarini
Major Events
Vsharan War Servanshiva Crisis
First War in Usania War in Petet
Usanian Conquest The Petet Pact

Latest activityEdit

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Map of Petet