Vires Malparu
Reign 1812PD-1850PD
Born 1790PD
Died 1850PD
Place of Death Northern Orvo

Vires Malparu was the leader of the Vales from 1812PD until his death in 1850PD. He established the First Valeshiran Empire after migrating to northern Armahn. He was followed by 80,000 Vales and established a capital alongside the Armahn Empire who mixed with the Vales and formed a common culture and language.


Vires grew up on the island of Chetiav. He frequently crossed the Servanshiva River to the mainland of Armahn where he encountered many Armahn people who spoke of their empire. As he got older, Armahn people would threaten him along with other Vales, they would establish tradeposts where they would not trade with Vales and shops where they would charge high prices to anyone who wasn't Armahn. Vires grew to dislike Armahn culture and decided to move north, however, not alone. He formed a small group of Vales and frequently held meetings. They would discuss the situations that happened during that week along with future plans on what they Vales could do about the Armahn Empire.

It wasn't long until the small group of people become large, so large that it could be considered a small army of men and women. Eventually, in 1812PD, the Vales migrated to northern Armahn and soon formed Valeshira .