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Vshara, the most complex history in Petet.. oh my I have to write this. Loads of rogue factions and wars. No leaders and relivence to the first empire in Petet (Altum Empire), Penia. Don't make an plot holes for this nation.

During Vshara's era of corruption there were many military factions that made up the nation, most of them rivaled each other but some worked together in attempts to control the country. The largest and most powerful faction was The Cult of Vshara which controlled Penia Fortress and the province around it. Some factions were not even from Vshara or were stationed there, for example, the League of Denia originated on Denia island south of Valeshira.

Major Factions during the corruption:

  1. The Cult of Vshara
  2. Aisen Varne
  3. Mostar
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  6. Riza
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  9. ..
  10. The League of Denia
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Minor Factions that were involved are extensive, they mostly consist of small groups of people who fought alongside major factions. There are over 100 minor factions.